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Serving Modesto, CA

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Amazing air-conditioning services

A typical A/C unit is built with

  • Compressor

  • Condenser

  • Receiver dryer or Accumulator

  • Orifice tube or Expansion valve

  • Evaporator

Amazing Air-Conditioning Services

Your car can really heat up under the hot California sun. If you start noticing that your A/C isn’t reaching those refreshingly cool temperatures, you need to have your system inspected. Most likely, your car is low on freon. It could either be a small leak that needs attention or a big sign that your A/C unit needs replacement. Bring it over to A' Tech Complete Auto Repair and Tire Center today and you'll get your car back with a perfectly running A/C system.

Electronic and heating repairs

You can count on us to check and replace freon in your vehicle. We will also notice if your vehicle isn’t producing the right amounts of air.


We can even replace damaged or non-working A/C units, or install new ones to get your vehicle where it needs to be. So, call us now and benefit from our 35 years of experience.

We will beat any competitors advertised or written estimated price on Tires or Auto Repairs Guaranteed!



Depend on our skilled technicians for the best auto services at the best prices in town — that's our service promise to you.

6-month to Lifetime Warranties are available at our auto repair shop.

How our amazing Air Conditioning Service works

You can count on our AC professionals to perform an AC service on your vehicle. It consists of evacuating all your old freon if any is there and vacuum the AC system to make sure no contaminants are left in your system. We conduct a full Automotive Air Conditioning system check which is outlined below:


  • Exposed Hoses, Tubing and connections are examined for damage or leaks.

  • The compressor and clutch, when accessible, are examined for damage, missing bolts, missing hardware, broken housing and leaks.

  • The compressor is rotated to determine if it is seized or locked up.

  • Service ports are examined for missing caps, damaged threads and conformance with labeling.

  • The condenser coil is examined for damage, restrictions or leaks.

  • The expansion device, if accessible, is examined for physical damage or leaks.

  • The accumulator receiver dryer and in line filter have been checked for damage, missing or loose hardware leaks.

  • The drive belt system has been checked for damaged or missing pulleys or tensioners and for proper belt routing tension, alignment, excessive wear or cracking.

  • The fan clutch has been examined for leakage, bearing wear and proper operation.

  • The cooling fan has been examined for leakage, bearing wear and proper operation.

  • The cooling fan has been checked for bent or missing blades.

  • Accessible electrical connections have been examined for loose, burnt, broken, corroded parts.

  • The refrigerant in use has been identified and checked for contamination.

  • The system has been checked for leakage at a minimum of 50-psi system pressure.

  • The compressor clutch, blower motor and air control doors have been checked for proper operation.

  • High and low side system operating pressures as applicable have been measured and recorded on final invoice.

  • And the center air distribution outlet temperature has been measured and recorded on the final invoice.


We will let you know how your AC is operating and just in case you need any hoses, condenser or if the compressor is bad or leaking. We will replace and repair system at a low price guaranteed. No one can beat our prices: No one!

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Free Tire Rotations with any of our oil change services.


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